Ignoring Unjust Behaviors Keeps Oppression Alive

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We’ve all been there before, you’ve witnessed an unjust act like racism and you want to interject with that powerful statement to change the status quo yet you find yourself silent, nodding, or laughing in complicity with the very action that you wanted to…

We get to decide how we want to be in the world

Pic by The Digital Artists

Our internal and external world is shaped by the cumulative impact of our daily choices. Whether we achieve a socially just world hinges upon every citizen’s daily decisions. It depends upon how we use our power in any…

How to use DEI to disrupt, dismantle, and rebuild for social justice

Pic by Paddy O’Sullivan

2020 marks the year that we learn to live with each other as equals. It changes the argument to how do we co-create an oppression-free world where we treat each other with dignity. In his 1963 novel, The…

Photo by Lia Castro

Supporting African-American Faculty, Staff, and Students in the Face of Racialized Political Microaggressions by Annice E. Fisher & Taris G. Mullins

(Reprint from NASPA Knowledge Communities Issue, Fall 2013)

Note: Although written 7 years ago, our analysis remains relevant to the current nature of Anti-Black racism. I hope this reprint motivates us to seriously use this moment to disrupt and end Anti-Black racism, once and for all.

The integration of equity…

Dr. Annice E. Fisher

Annice is the CEO of The BEE FREE Woman & Developing Capacity Coaching. Her writing is a freedom tool for people ready to use their power and choice for change.

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